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You’re not just wearing hardware, you’re sharing history...

Atomic Armour, is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Where innovation meets style, and creativity knows no bounds. Founded by the visionary Marta McKim, our journey began with a simple idea: to transform how we adorn ourselves.


Atomic Armour is not just jewelry; it's a revolutionary modular system of style. Our patent-pending Oh SNAP! concept lets you mix, match, and SNAP pieces together to create personalized accessories that express your individuality.


Marta's passion for art and fashion led to the birth of Atomic Armour. Her commitment to innovation and craftsmanship is the driving force behind each handcrafted piece.


With Atomic Armour, you can SNAP your style to life, ADORN yourself with unique creations, and SLAY every fashion moment.


We invite you to explore our collections and become part of this style revolution. Join us in celebrating self-expression and embracing unique, one-of-a-kind fashion. Atomic Armour is where your style story begins, and we can't wait to be part of your journey.


Get ready to SNAP. ADORN. SLAY. and redefine your style with Atomic Armour. Start collecting today and be at the forefront of the fashion revolution!

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